Аccounting Consulting



- Business tax and accounting

- Organization of business entities

- Advice on tax law - Checking and restoration of accounting

- Providing registration services.


The benefits of working with us

- Savings to organize and maintain jobs accountant;

- minimizing risks;

- confidentiality;

- stability and quality accounting services;

- the possibility of mobilizing the company's resources for business development;

- reducing the cost of enterprise by legal and correct tax.

our contacts:

+38 095 62 55 314

+38 098 20 98 928


Find us:
Transcarpathian region., Uzhgorod CITY, st. Mynayska 14B


Accounting services

Undoubtedly, in the ideal case, high-quality accounting service company assumes in the company qualified accountant with extensive experience of professional activity. However, small firms specialist of this level is not busy working all the time and keeping it costly. The best choice in this situation, accounting services of your company by a third party accounting firm. The cost of accounting services, usually less than the cost of keeping their own accounting, while you get high-quality accounting support your business.


About us

Limited Liability Company "U.D.C." was founded in October 2011 and operates in the market of accounting services Ukraine until this time. LLC. "U.D.C." provides a full range of accounting services to small and medium enterprises of different legal forms that operate in various areas regardless of location. The main type of business is providing accounting, consulting and information services, such as: - Keeping tax and accounting; - Organization of business entities; - Advice on tax legislation; - Check and restoration of accounting; - Providing registration services. In its activities, the company taking over responsibility for complex accounting services, not just dealing with accounting and tax accounting, preparation and submission of reports, but always advises clients for the purpose of selecting the optimal solution in a given situation and prevent the emergence of possible unpleasant consequences. Personnel - a strong and professional team of accountants with considerable experience. The client base of the company - is known successful Ukrainian company and a number of foreign companies from Europe. Advantages of cooperation with "U.D.C.":

- savings funds for the organization and maintenance jobs accountant;

-reduce risks;

-privacy information;

-stabilnist and quality accounting services;

Possibility to mobilize resources for business enterprise;

-reducing the cost of company's expenses due to legal and correct tax. Prices of accounting services are available all services in a short time thanks to the efficient organization of experts of the company. Very important is competent bookkeeping as company practices an individual approach to customer needs regardless of business scale



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LLC "U.D.C." 88000, Transcarpathian, Uzhgorod CITY, st. Mynayska 14B office@udc-company.com

+38 095 62 55 314 
+38 098 20 98 928

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